Måste fler belarusiska journalister dö innan Europa börjar bry sig? Detta frågar sig journalisten Natalya Radzina.

”Anything may happen to me and my fellow journalists. We need the solidarity of journalists, human rights activists, politicians, and people all over the world. The silence of the European Union, which doesn’t react to the outrageous situation in Belarus, insults us and all those who stand for European values.

Belarus doesn’t have oil and gas, but 10 million people live there. London has almost the same population. Imagine the same things are happening to you and your families, while the world stands idly by and says “at least people aren’t being killed in the streets.” Maybe Europe wants us to be murdered?”

Natalya Radzina är redaktör på charter97.org

Läs hela artikeln, som publicerades den 3 maj, World Press Freedom Day, på  hemsidan för människorättsorganisationen Index оn Censorship.