The young activist from the For Freedom movement, Mikita Likhavid, serving a 3,5 year imprisonment for his participation in the rally against the election fraud 19th of december, has once again been isolated in a punishment cell. He is refusing to acknowledge any crime. This is why the prison chief has chosen to apply extreme measures against him.

Mikita is one of the youngest political prisoners and had his 21:st birthday on May 27. That day, he spent in the punishment cell, for the second time around.

For the first time, Mikita Likhavid was punished with 10 days in a punishment cell in the Navapolatsk prison. This time, he got 15 days.

His mother Alena Likhavid has spoken to Radio Racyja, telling them about her worries.

“I don’t know how his thin neck can carry his head. His hands are very cold, he is very pale with sunken cheeks, hollow eyes with dark circles under the them, because he can go out only once a week. He says: “Mum, I breathe through the window.” The prison chief told me he had been deprived of two visits. He just chose this way of struggling.”