Isabel Sommerfeld, Project Manager behind Info Belarus, today writes together with Jonathan Leman (reporter at the magazine Expo) and Johan Berggren (Editor in Chief at Ordfront Magasin, one of the biggest society Magazines in Sweden) about how Wikileaks representatives use their leaks to support dictatorships.

The case which is specifically addressed is Israel Shamir, Wikileaks representative who was in place in Belarus during the presidential elections in 2010, when hundreds of activists, including presidential candidates and journalists were beaten, imprisoned and driven into exile. Israel Shamirs behavior put the opposition in great danger. He has not only openly praised dictator Lukashenko in Belarus and Ahmadinejad in Iran, but is also a notorious Jew-hater, holocaust denier and homophobe who blames the world’s problems on Jews and homosexuals.

It is very strange that journalists in Sweden and other European countries have not put more energy into criticizing Wikileaks when they have committed acts that shows the opposite to what they say they stand for – acts that directly could have injured innocent people.

Assange and Wikileaks has tried to deny their close ties to its representative Israel Shamir, but now the opposite has been proven (Jonathan Leman revealed  the fact about Julian Assanges close ties to Israel Shamir in the latest edition of Expo).

Read the article about Wikileaks and Israel Shamir in Swedish here. Published at ‘SVT Debatt’ 20/6.