Support the handclap revolution in Belarus! Clap your hands in Stockholm!

Where? The walk takes place in Stockholm and starts at Mynttorget in the old town. We will be walking along Drottninggatan to Sergels Torg.

When? Wednesday, 6 July at 18:00.

How? From time to time we clap our hands together. Otherwise, we will be silent: no speeches, no slogans, no banners – just a gentle stroll through town.

Why? Belarus is a dictatorship where peaceful demonstrations are brutally dispersed by riot police. People get beaten and arrested for expressing their thoughts. This summer the democracy movement tries a new strategy: On Wednesdays at 19:00 (18:00 Swedish time) thoursands go out on the streets and show their dissatisfaction with the regime by peacefully walking and clapping their hands. It’s time for the world to show support to these courageous people and therefor, we hope that you will too!

Please RSVP at the facebook page and tell all your friends to come: