How the Belarusian government treats it´s own citizens, is beyond critizism. When ordinary and peacefull demonstrators are out, to protest against the the oppression from the regime - heavy government and police hands clamps down over them, with more force then they should. The protests from the western countrys, are way to lax. We have to recognize, condemn and point at the governments hevyhanded actions and lack of respect for human rights and freedom of speech.



Political prisoners like Zmitser Bandarenka, are chained. Even when under medical treatment, as an obvious punishment. Many prisoners have also told family and friends about the torture in jail.

Why do we as a democratic country, call ourselves democratic and civilized, and at the same time stand beside to look at what is happening and do nothing? Why do we let it happen? How do we explain that and call ourselves civilized citizens? Just a few days ago, Minsk was an occupied town. Every wednesday, during the peaceful protests in Belarus, hundreds get beaten and arrested.

”The press service of the Minsk main police department threatened possible participants of peaceful protest against the increased fuel prices with “tangible fines or administrative arrests” and organizers with “up to three years of imprisonment”.