Founder & Project Manager of Info Belarus, Isabel Sommerfeld, today published an article on the Swedish news/debate website Newsmill about the two young men risking death penalty in Belarus for a crime they might not have committed, and about the human rights activist Ales Bjaljatski who has been sentenced to 4,5 years in prison, for political reasons.

Sommerfeld calls for media to pay attention to the cases of Dmitry and Vladislav, to maybe influence the outcome of the sentence which will be outed in two days.

”We have two days to create a media outcry in the world to hopefully stop the court in Belarus from punishing the accused with death penalty. Regardless of their guilt, it’s not okay for a country in the middle of Europe to still actively use death penalty as punishment. When a life is taken, it will never return. We are fortunate to be born in a country with freedom of expression and press freedom. With freedom comes responsibility . So let’s focus the spotlight on ”Europe’s last dictatorship” and speak for the silenced,” Sommerfeld writes.