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Human rights activist Ales Byalyatski arrested

The human rights activist Ales Byalyatski, has been arrested in Minsk. Charter97 writes about the incident. ”The flat and summer house of the human rights defender and the office of Viasna human rights centre were searched.” Belarus has a seriously bad track record, when it commes to human rights abuses and violence against the citizens of Belarus and human rights defenders. The member [...]

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The treatment of Belarusian citizens

How the Belarusian government treats it´s own citizens, is beyond critizism. When ordinary and peacefull demonstrators are out, to protest against the the oppression from the regime - heavy government and police hands clamps down over them, with more force then they should. The protests from the western countrys, are way to lax. We have to recognize, condemn and point at the governments hevyhanded [...]

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Democracy in Belarus comes at a prize

Democracy in Belarus comes at a prize, for those who protest against the lack of democracy. People who try to protest against how the government behaves, are harassed by police and arrested on the spot. Over 100 persons were detained near the central railway station on sunday, during the official Independence Day. At least 70 persons were detained in the [...]

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Statkevich sentenced to 6, Uss to 5.5 years in prison

Presidential candidates has been found guilty, of organizing mass riot on December 19. Tis is what happen to Lukashenka’s rivals. We should not let the democratic process fall behind, even if we have bussines whith that country and it´s leader [link].

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