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Another Political Prisoner Released

Another political prisoner has been released in Belarus. This time, it was Zmitser Bandarenka, the Coordinator of European Belarus and presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov’s colleague from the presidential election 2010.

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Presidential Candidate Sannikau Released From Prison

The former presidential candidate and political prisoner Andrei Sannikau has been released from a prison. Sannikau was arrested on December 19th, 2010, in connection with the protests against electoral fraud in Minsk, after the presidential election. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

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Newspaper Dagens Nyheter brings focus to phonecompany Telia´s actions in Belarus

Swedish phonecompany Telia is having trouble with its shared interest in Turkcell. A bigger problem with Telia´s 38 % ownership of Turkcell is that they together own several cell phone-companies in Central Asia, Russia – and Belaurs. During the elections in Belarus in december 2010 many oppositional activists and politicians had their phones surveilled by the government. Some of that […]

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Political prisoner Likhavid, in punishment cell again

The young activist from the For Freedom movement, Mikita Likhavid, serving a 3,5 year imprisonment for his participation in the rally against the election fraud 19th of december, has once again been isolated in a punishment cell. He is refusing to acknowledge any crime. This is why the prison chief has chosen to apply extreme measures against him. Mikita is […]

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Statkevich sentenced to 6, Uss to 5.5 years in prison

Presidential candidates has been found guilty, of organizing mass riot on December 19. Tis is what happen to Lukashenka’s rivals. We should not let the democratic process fall behind, even if we have bussines whith that country and it´s leader [link].

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From presidential candidate, to political refugee

Presidential candidate Ales Michalevic writes about the presidential election in Belarus 2010, the development in the country and the torture in KGB prison.

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Andrei Sannikov sentenced to 5 years in prison

The belarusian presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov was today sentenced with five years in prison, for protesting against the falsified presidential election in december 2010. The sentences against the other opponents of Lukashenka are not yet decided. One of them, Ales Michalevich, managed to escape Belarus after telling independent media about the torture in KGB jail, and now lives in Czech […]

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Sannikov in court: ”You will have to look into your childrens eyes one day”

Yesterday in court, the prosecutor Anton Zagorovskij demanded to sentence the former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov to 7 years in high security prison. The verdict will be announced later today. This was Andrei Sannikovs speech in court, during the hearing: ”Dear All! I’m not going to analyze the charges that were brought against me. The trial clearly showed far-fetched and […]

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”KGB threatened to murder my wife and son”

Presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov today spoke out in court about the torture in prison and the threats from KGB. This was his statement: ”They forced me to stretch my arms and legs, lean against the wall and stay like that in a cold chamber for a long time. They forced me to squat several times, even though I told them […]

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More trials against presidential candidates, HR activists and journalists started today

Today, on May 11, the courts in Minsk began the proceedings against several prisoners of conscience. Iryna Khalip (correspondent for Russian Novaya Gazeta newspaper and wife of the presidential candidate Andrey Sannikov), Pavel Sevyarynets, Syarhei Martseleu, presidential candidates Mikalai Statkevich and Dzmitry Uss. Meanwhile, the case against the police officer Alyaksandr Klaskouski was opened. Klaskouski was arrested and badly beaten during the election night […]

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