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Belarus - An island in the South Pacific?

Freedom House recently released its report on the world’s most restrictive countries. One of these is Belarus. Media reports in Sweden of Europe’s last dictatorship, is very poor. There are few swedes know that Belarus is an independent country, not a part of Russia, nor an island in the Pacific. As long as people don’t know about this, it’s difficult for people under oppression and lack of human rights, to feel the external support. It’s time for change!

Liberal Students now starts a national information campaign on Belarus.

Our goals:

- Create a greater interest in Belarus among politicians and journalists. Through targeted campaigns, events and trips for media and politicians we hope to grow a bigger interest in the situation and development in Belarus.

- The belarusian opposition’s voice in Sweden.
We must ensure that the Belarusian democratic friends, journalists, politicians and active may be heard in swedish media.
This will create a greater interest in their situation and they can feel that they have our support.

- Change the name Vitryssland to Belarus.
We support the ”Initiative for Belarus,” and have signed an appeal to the Language Council, the Swedish Academy and the Foreign Ministry to issue a recommendation that the name of Belarus should be used instead of Vitryssland. The goal is to remove the false and misleading name ”Vitryssland” from the Swedish language, like other countries in the world has changed the name Belarussia to Belarus.

Please contact us for more information!

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  1. Al skriver:

    Thanks for this initiative.
    We, Belarusians, will never forget this act of international solidarity.
    Blessings to Sweden,


  2. Info Belarus skriver:

    Hi Alex! I’m glad you appreciate our project. Somebody has to do this and its really time for the world around you to react. You have to know that you dont stand in this alone – and you have support from all over the world. So dont forget that. :)

    Blessings from Sweden,

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