”For me as a liberal, it’s natural to fight for democracy, freedom and human rights. Europe is the world’s most modern continent and it’s shameful that we still have a dictatorship left; Belarus. Democracy support through aid to freedom activists, independent journalists and human rights activists is the essence of Swedish foreign policy that should be crystal clear in terms of values, brave in action and active in field.”

Birgitta Ohlsson, Swedish Minister of EU and democracy affairs.




”How can we encourage an interest in Belarus, when you almost never hear anything about the country in media? As project manager for Info Belarus, it is my duty to submit information and tell about what I have seen and experienced in Belarus. The same applies to journalists and politicians who visits the country. In Belarus one can’t speak out loud about the situation, but we who live in a country where human rights are respected, must not stand silent. A bigger reaction against the human rights crimes is required and we have to put pressure on dictators like Lukashenka.”

/Isabel Sommerfeld, Project Manager – Info Belarus




”People are persecuted and oppressed, they get fired from jobs and universities – all because of the struggle for democracy and freedom. This is unacceptable – freedom of speech is a human right. Another Belarus is possible. The struggle for freedom and democracy for our friends in Belarus should never end.

/Kenny Svensson, International leader for the Social Democratic Youth in Värmland




”The current generation of young Belarusians has to achieve those objectives which the grandparent-generation of young Western-Europeans dealt with 50-40 years ago. We are to be strong and persistent to complete
this huge work and it’s very important for us to feel support and respect from young Europeans.”

/Sergey Varankevich, Chairman of the Belarusian Youth Organization Civil Forum




”My experience tells me that the swedish name Vitryssland (=Belarussia) contributes to a lack of knowledge in Sweden. Many seem to believe that Russia and Belarus is the same country. The frustration of constantly being confused with Russia and Russians is quite big among belarusians in Sweden. It’s time also for Sweden to change the name to Belarus. Thereby we would draw attention to the countries existence and independence.”

/Dmitri Plax,  journalist, author and artist.




”Now is the time to act! We must aim to make Belarus one of the most democratic countries in Europe. For me as a young belarusian it’s very important that the future generations will live in a European country that respects human rights and democratic ideals. If we are to achieve this it’s important to get support from the surrounding European countries, especially Sweden, which is a good example of democracy. With your help, we can achieve an important goal – to make Europe one big democratic home. Together we are stronger than president Lukashenka and his regime, which is based on methods of intimidation and violence. Long live Belarus!

/Juraś Stankievič, member of the oppositional party Belarusian Popular Front.