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Free Belarus action in Stockholm

Today an international solidarity action for Belarus was held all over Europe, organized by Young European Federalists. In Stockholm the action against death penalty and for freedom in Belarus, was organized by Info Belarus and the Swedish Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (Östgruppen).

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Solidarity action in Stockholm for freedom of speech in Belarus

Solidarity action in Stockholm for freedom of speech in Belarus Young European Federalists today organize the international campaign Free Belarus. Info Belarus together with Swedish Initiative For Democracy and Human Rights (Östgruppen) invite press and activists to attend the flash mob in Stockholm. “We will meet at Norrmalmstorg, at 3 pm to jointly walk through town and put gags on Stockholm’s […]

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Kavaliou executed in Belarus

The mother of Vladislav Kavaliou has recieved a letter from the Supreme Court in Belarus dated the 16th of March, informing her and the family that the death penalty against Kavaliou had been carried out.

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”Why reward the killer state?”

”Two young men, Dmitry Konovalov and Vladislav Kovalev, will be murdered by a European state. Yesterday, the Belarusian dictator Aleksandr Luashenka said that he refuses to pardon the two men. Of course, my thoughts go to the young men’s families in this sad moment. One can not imagine the pain their families feel right now. Belarus is the only European country that still allows the death penalty and the European Parliament has repeatedly condemned the death sentences against Kovalev and Konovalov. It is disgraceful, it’s disgusting and it is inhuman that death penalty […]

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Vladislavs Sister Speaks Out About the Death Penalty

”We were shocked by the verdict. We are afraid. Vlad is not involved in this crime, they could shoot a completely innocent person, it is terrible. They lied about everything, what Fedartsov read today is not true to the preparatory stage . They turned everything into what they needed, they ignored entirely what the FSB (Russian security Service) said in […]

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Death Penalty to Dmitry and Vladislav

Today, the Supreme Court of Belarus sentenced Dmitry Kanavalau and Vladislav Kavaliou to death on the charges of executing several bombings, including the bomb in the Minsk metro on 11th of April 2011, which claimed 15 lives. There is a possibility that Dmitry and Vladislav are not guilty. Once their lives are taken, there is no way of changing the sentence.

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We Have Two Days To Save The Lives of Dmitry and Vladislav

”We have two days to create a media outcry in the world to hopefully stop the court in Belarus from punishing the accused with death penalty. Regardless of their guilt, it’s not okay for a country in the middle of Europe to still actively use death penalty as punishment. When a life is taken, it will never return. We are fortunate to be born in a country with freedom of expression and press freedom. With freedom comes responsibility . So let’s focus the spotlight on ”Europe’s last dictatorship” and speak for the silenced,” Sommerfeld writes.

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”Please help me save my son from death penalty”

Two young men could be executed in three days. The probability is high that the two are completely innocent of what they are accused of. Read the letter of the mother of one of the accused, sign the petition and spread the words!

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Invitation to seminar: International Day against Death Penalty

Info Belarus project manager Isabel Sommerfeld will today take part in a seminar organized by Amnesty International in Sweden, where you will be able to hear her talk about her trips to Belarus and the presidential election in 2010. Since today is the International Day Against Death Penalty, Amnesty will be informing about Belarus, the only state in Europe and […]

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UN: ”Executions in Belarus violate international obligations”

Belarus has executed two persons while their cases were under review by the UN Human Rights Committee. By doing this, international agreements have been violated. Belarus were not suposed to to carry out the executions while their cases were under consideration by UN, but the committee’s request to follow these rules was ignored, according to the UN news centre. “Our requests for interim measures […]

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