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Aktion utanför Telia Soneras bolagsstämma

Onsdag den 3 april håller Telia Sonera sin bolagsstämma på Cirkus i Stockholm. Vi kommer vara på plats utanför Cirkus för att prata med aktieägare och dela ut flygblad. Helt enkelt för att påminna aktieägarna om Telia Soneras samarbete med diktaturregimer i förtryck av oliktänkande; människorättsaktivister, journalister och oppositionella. Vill du komma förbi och prata med oss eller hjälpa till, så kommer vi befinna oss på plats från kl. 12:45.

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TeliaSonera: ”It’s not we who violate human rights”

Founder of Info Belarus, comments on TeliaSoneras debate article in Dagens Nyheter, about their cooperation with dictatorial regimes. ”By ”only following laws” in countries with no rule of law, where even clapping hands in public is forbidden (Belarus), TeliaSonera is doing a great job in being the dictators henchman” says Isabel Sommerfeld.

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Info Belarus samordnare deltar i kvällens Uppdrag Granskning

Info Belarus samordnare Isabel Sommerfeld följdes i mars av ett TV-team på en resa till ”Europas sista diktatur” Belarus. Resan var en del av Uppdrag Gransknings undersökning av TeliaSoneras verksamhet i utlandet. Resultatet ser ni i kvällens Uppdrag Granskning, där det avslöjas att TeliaSoneras samarbete med regimen i Belarus är betydligt mer långtgående än vad TeliaSonera har velat erkänna.

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Free Belarus action in Stockholm

Today an international solidarity action for Belarus was held all over Europe, organized by Young European Federalists. In Stockholm the action against death penalty and for freedom in Belarus, was organized by Info Belarus and the Swedish Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (Östgruppen).

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Solidarity action in Stockholm for freedom of speech in Belarus

Solidarity action in Stockholm for freedom of speech in Belarus Young European Federalists today organize the international campaign Free Belarus. Info Belarus together with Swedish Initiative For Democracy and Human Rights (Östgruppen) invite press and activists to attend the flash mob in Stockholm. “We will meet at Norrmalmstorg, at 3 pm to jointly walk through town and put gags on Stockholm’s […]

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12 hours of Belarusian Poetry in Stockholm

On monday, December 19th, exactly one year has passed since the Presidential Election in Belarus. The same day, one year ago, peaceful protesters were beaten and arrested by riot police, including writers, poets and journalists. The 24th of november 2011, the Belarusian human rights activist and writer was sentenced to 4,5 years imprisonment and confiscation of property. The crime was […]

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Solidarity Action for Ales Byalyatski in Stockholm

A solidarity action was held in Stockholm on wednesday the 10th of August to show solidarity for the recently arrested belarusian human rights activist Ales Byalyatski, and for the belarusian people (Revolution Through Social Networks).                                 Photos and video: Free for publishing

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Swedish Television about the revolution in Belarus

Wednesday is getting closer, and more protests will be held in one of the last dictatorships in Europe; Belarus. The latest months, thousands of belarusians have been arrested for walking in silent protest, gathering on squares all over the country, clapping hands. People are tired of oppression, tired of the bad economic and political situation. On Tuesday, Swedish Television reported […]

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Act of Solidarity in Stockholm

At wednesday, protests continued in Belarus. Once again, people were beaten and arrested. It has also been reported that one man got an epileptic seizure while being detained. At the same time in Stockholm, Sweden, a solidarity action in support of the people in Belarus and the revolution through social network was held.

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Wikileaks antisemitism & support to dictatorships

Isabel Sommerfeld, Project Manager behind Info Belarus, today writes together with Jonathan Leman (reporter at the magazine Expo) and Johan Berggren (Editor in Chief at Ordfront Magasin, one of the biggest society Magazines in Sweden) about how Wikileaks representatives use their leaks to support dictatorships. The case which is specifically addressed is Israel Shamir, Wikileaks representative who was in place […]

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