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Flash mob in Stockholm: ”Puck you Lukashenko!”

A flashmob and street theater was arranged by Östgruppen, Swedish International Liberal Centre and the office of the Polish member of European Parliament, Marek Migalski, in the central of Stockholm on saturday. The activists where dressed as dictator Lukashenko, playing against oppositional activists with their hands bound to their backs. On the ”ice” was also a judge with a Belarusian military hat and baton, who made sure Lukashenka got his goals. The street theatre was supposed to symbolize the oppression in Belarus and the fact that even ice hockey is politics to Lukashenka.

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Action at IIHF conference: ”Don’t play with the dictator!”

Early this morning the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) met at Clarion hotel in Stockholm for a conference. Östgruppen – Swedish Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights arranged an action and welcomed the delegates with leaflets, saying ”See you in Minsk 2014!” At first sight, the leaflets looked like official material from the hockey federation. Looking closer inside, the delegates could see information about the political prisoners in Belarus and about the people in charge of the hockey world championship in Belarus next year – all blacklisted by the EU for their crimes against human rights (banned from traveling to the EU).

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Swedish Ice Hockey Federation changed their mind about the Belarusian flag

During the game between Belarus-Canada on friday, a group of Swedes and Belarusians successfully watched the hockey with big white-red-white traditional Belarusian flags, behind one of the goals in the front line. This is a clear victory for freedom of expression and human rights. The flag was earlier during hockey world championship banned by the IIHF, most likely because of a dictators demand.

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Swedish Charge d’Affaires soon back in Minsk

Swedish Charge d’Affairs soon to be back in Minsk, Belarus, according to the Swedish minister of Foreign Affairs:
”After some difficulties, we will soon send a charge back to run our Embassy in Minsk in Belarus. Good for everyone.”

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Belarusian journalist arrested for publishing photos of teddy bear action

Founder of Info Belarus, Isabel Sommerfeld, shows her solidarity with the detained Belarusian journalist. Photo: Free to publish. The Belarusian journalist Anton Surapin faces five years in prison for publishing photos of the Swedish teddy bear action, where teddy bears with messages of freedom were thrown out of an airplane over Belarus. According to the Swedish PR company Studio Total, […]

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LGBT protests forbidden in Belarus

Minsk authorities have rejected three requests for permission to demonstrate, by representatives of the Belarusian LGBT movement.

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Another Political Prisoner Released

Another political prisoner has been released in Belarus. This time, it was Zmitser Bandarenka, the Coordinator of European Belarus and presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov’s colleague from the presidential election 2010.

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Presidential Candidate Sannikau Released From Prison

The former presidential candidate and political prisoner Andrei Sannikau has been released from a prison. Sannikau was arrested on December 19th, 2010, in connection with the protests against electoral fraud in Minsk, after the presidential election. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

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Ingen puck för Lukasjenka!

Diktator Lukasjenka genomför en enorm satsning inför ishockey-VM 2014. Han lägger stor personlig prestige i VM-projektet. Det skulle räcka att en enda delegation vid internationella ishockeyförbundets kongress i Helsingfors i maj begär att frågan tas upp på dagordningen, för att det ska finnas en chans att Lukasjenka fråntas detta PR-jippo. Den svenska delegationen består av Peter ”Foppa” Forsberg, Mikael Peterson och Christer Englund. De har enligt uttalanden fortfarande inte bestämt sig för om de tänker lyfta frågan vid kongressen, så nu gäller det att ligga på… Det är här DU kommer in i bilden. Skriv till den svenska delegationen och kräv att de inte håller diktatorn om ryggen. Ingen puck för Lukasjenka, Foppa!

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New EU sanctions against Belarus

The Council of the European Union today decided on new sanctions against the Belarusian regime. Around 230 Belarusians connected to the regime have allready been blacklisted. The European Union has now added 29 companies (assets of these entities have also been frozen) and 12 individuals to the list, in response to the repression of the democratic opposition by Lukashenka’s regime.

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