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Don´t miss out on the opportunity to see this unique and long awaited feature movie – Viva Belarus! in Stockholm @ Bio Rio, 20/3. FRANAK VYACHORKA (Script) and LAVON VOLSKI (Music), will be there to talk about the film and the reality behind it.

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Julija Stsiapanava, active in the opposition movement European Belarus, was on Sunday night attacked outside her home. Two unknown persons beat her and cut off her hair before leaving her bleeding in the snow outside her home.

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LGBT protests forbidden in Belarus

Minsk authorities have rejected three requests for permission to demonstrate, by representatives of the Belarusian LGBT movement.

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TeliaSonera’s Cooperation With The Belarusian Dictator

In March 2012, the founder of Info Belarus, Isabel Sommerfeld was followed by a TV team from Swedish Television’s ”Uppdrag Granskning” to Belarus. The trip was part of their depth investigation of the Nordic Telecom giant TeliaSonera’s and their business in dictatorships. ”Uppdrag Granskning” can now disclose how TeliaSonera is connected to human rights abuses in the former CIS countries.

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New EU sanctions against Belarus

The Council of the European Union today decided on new sanctions against the Belarusian regime. Around 230 Belarusians connected to the regime have allready been blacklisted. The European Union has now added 29 companies (assets of these entities have also been frozen) and 12 individuals to the list, in response to the repression of the democratic opposition by Lukashenka’s regime.

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Ukrainian FEMEN activists found beaten, shaved, naked in the woods

On the 19th of December 2011, one year since the presidential election in Belarus, the ukrainian FEMEN activists Inna Shevchenko, Oksana Shachko and Aleksandra Nemchinova organized a flash mob and stripped topless in front of the Belarusian KGB headquarters, screaming ”Long live Belarus!” and ”Freedom to political prisoners!” They later on disappeared and their friends could not reach them on their mobile phones. According […]

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Newspaper Dagens Nyheter brings focus to phonecompany Telia´s actions in Belarus

Swedish phonecompany Telia is having trouble with its shared interest in Turkcell. A bigger problem with Telia´s 38 % ownership of Turkcell is that they together own several cell phone-companies in Central Asia, Russia – and Belaurs. During the elections in Belarus in december 2010 many oppositional activists and politicians had their phones surveilled by the government. Some of that […]

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Lukashenka threatens the opposition with deportation
Belarus' President Lukashenko speaks to reporters after a meeting with the Knights of Malta at their headquarters in Rome

“If the EU wants to take them, we will buy them a ticket and send them. No problem – take them! If they are such zealous supporters of political prisoners, we will pack them in a coach tomorrow. I will make a decision, as I have the right to make such decisions, and everyone, even those who were not imprisoned […]

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Protests against the regime continue in Belarus

The people of Belarus continues to protest against the regime, now as a tradition every wednesday. Will we see an Internet revolution in Belarus soon? According to independent media, hundreds have been detained in Minsk today, where thousands gathered for silent protests against the regime. Once again, the prisons are getting overcrowded in Belarus. Protests were held in other cities around […]

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Statkevich sentenced to 6, Uss to 5.5 years in prison

Presidential candidates has been found guilty, of organizing mass riot on December 19. Tis is what happen to Lukashenka’s rivals. We should not let the democratic process fall behind, even if we have bussines whith that country and it´s leader [link].

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