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12 hours of solidarity for Belarus in Stockholm

  Isabel Sommerfeld singing words by Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu in Belarusian, at Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm. Photo: Maria Söderberg. The 19th of December 2011, one year since the electoral fraud and presidential election in Belarus, a solidarity meeting was held in Stockholm at Medborgarplatsen. For 12 hours, people arrived to the square to read poems written by Belarusian poets/writers, for freedom of speech [...]

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12 hours of Belarusian Poetry in Stockholm

On monday, December 19th, exactly one year has passed since the Presidential Election in Belarus. The same day, one year ago, peaceful protesters were beaten and arrested by riot police, including writers, poets and journalists. The 24th of november 2011, the Belarusian human rights activist and writer was sentenced to 4,5 years imprisonment and confiscation of property. The crime was [...]

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Political prisoner Likhavid, in punishment cell again

The young activist from the For Freedom movement, Mikita Likhavid, serving a 3,5 year imprisonment for his participation in the rally against the election fraud 19th of december, has once again been isolated in a punishment cell. He is refusing to acknowledge any crime. This is why the prison chief has chosen to apply extreme measures against him. Mikita is [...]

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From presidential candidate, to political refugee

Presidential candidate Ales Michalevic writes about the presidential election in Belarus 2010, the development in the country and the torture in KGB prison.

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In the shadow of Telias new brand…

Cheaper mobile data communication via Telia, also in the baltic states. Has to be good – no? Well, let me tell you about what’s hiding behind Telias new brand; Telia owns 38% in the company Turkcell, and Turkcell owns 80% of the telephone operator Life in Belarus . The other 20% is owned by dictator Lukashenko himself. Data from operators like Life was crucial when Belarusian security service searched [...]

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Sannikov in court: ”You will have to look into your childrens eyes one day”

Yesterday in court, the prosecutor Anton Zagorovskij demanded to sentence the former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov to 7 years in high security prison. The verdict will be announced later today. This was Andrei Sannikovs speech in court, during the hearing: ”Dear All! I’m not going to analyze the charges that were brought against me. The trial clearly showed far-fetched and [...]

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”KGB threatened to murder my wife and son”

Presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov today spoke out in court about the torture in prison and the threats from KGB. This was his statement: ”They forced me to stretch my arms and legs, lean against the wall and stay like that in a cold chamber for a long time. They forced me to squat several times, even though I told them [...]

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Öppet brev från Eva Njakljajeua & Irina Bogdanova

We are shocked and outraged by what is happening in Belarus now, and in particular by the events on Saturday 29th January, concerning our families in Minsk. In the run up to the Council of Europe Ministers’ meeting on 31 January, Mr Lukashenka’s regime is again flirting with Europe. We are extremely concerned that his ploy will work once more, [...]

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