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Belarusian journalist arrested for publishing photos of teddy bear action

Founder of Info Belarus, Isabel Sommerfeld, shows her solidarity with the detained Belarusian journalist. Photo: Free to publish. The Belarusian journalist Anton Surapin faces five years in prison for publishing photos of the Swedish teddy bear action, where teddy bears with messages of freedom were thrown out of an airplane over Belarus. According to the Swedish PR company Studio Total, […]

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Another Political Prisoner Released

Another political prisoner has been released in Belarus. This time, it was Zmitser Bandarenka, the Coordinator of European Belarus and presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov’s colleague from the presidential election 2010.

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Presidential Candidate Sannikau Released From Prison

The former presidential candidate and political prisoner Andrei Sannikau has been released from a prison. Sannikau was arrested on December 19th, 2010, in connection with the protests against electoral fraud in Minsk, after the presidential election. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

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We are waiting too, Sannikov!

Khalip is not waiting alone. The Belarusian people are not waiting alone. Today, we as European citizens outside Belarus also congratulate Sannikov on his birthday. Every single day is now one day closer to freedom for Sannikov, the other political prisoners and the people of Belarus. And you know what? We are waiting too.
Long live Belarus & best birthday wishes from Sweden!

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Presidential Candidate Sent To Punishment Cell For Wearing Wrong Clothes

Former presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich has been sent to punishment cell for wearing wrong clothes. According to his lawyer, he will remain in the punishment cell until January 24.

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Human Rights Activist Ales Byalyatski In Court

Ales Byalyatski, the head of the belarusian human rights center Viasna stands trial in Minsk today. Why? Simply for being in charge of the human rights center Viasna. This is the reality and ”justice” in dictator Lukashenko’s society. He is threatened with 7 years in prison, and the official reasons for charging him is tax evasion/ economical crimes. By tricking […]

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Political prisoner Likhavid, in punishment cell again

The young activist from the For Freedom movement, Mikita Likhavid, serving a 3,5 year imprisonment for his participation in the rally against the election fraud 19th of december, has once again been isolated in a punishment cell. He is refusing to acknowledge any crime. This is why the prison chief has chosen to apply extreme measures against him. Mikita is […]

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Statkevich sentenced to 6, Uss to 5.5 years in prison

Presidential candidates has been found guilty, of organizing mass riot on December 19. Tis is what happen to Lukashenka’s rivals. We should not let the democratic process fall behind, even if we have bussines whith that country and it´s leader [link].

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From presidential candidate, to political refugee

Presidential candidate Ales Michalevic writes about the presidential election in Belarus 2010, the development in the country and the torture in KGB prison.

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Andrei Sannikov sentenced to 5 years in prison

The belarusian presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov was today sentenced with five years in prison, for protesting against the falsified presidential election in december 2010. The sentences against the other opponents of Lukashenka are not yet decided. One of them, Ales Michalevich, managed to escape Belarus after telling independent media about the torture in KGB jail, and now lives in Czech […]

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