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Kärnkraftsmotståndare riskerar livet i belarusiskt fängelse

Belarusisk kärnkraftsmotståndare dömd till fängelse och riskerar livet på grund av allvarlig sjukdom. Vänner och kolleger menar att hon förmodligen inte överlever fem dygn i fängelse.

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LGBT protests forbidden in Belarus

Minsk authorities have rejected three requests for permission to demonstrate, by representatives of the Belarusian LGBT movement.

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Students forced to give written promise that they won’t participate in revolution

Students of universities in Belarus are forced to sign a document obliging them not to take part in the “Revolution Through Social Networks”, Charter 97 reports. Police men are personally calling students and forcing them to sign this ‘contract’. This is a way of putting psychological pressure on students. “I was told that police were looking for me when I […]

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The treatment of Belarusian citizens

How the Belarusian government treats it´s own citizens, is beyond critizism. When ordinary and peacefull demonstrators are out, to protest against the the oppression from the regime – heavy government and police hands clamps down over them, with more force then they should. The protests from the western countrys, are way to lax. We have to recognize, condemn and point at the governments hevyhanded […]

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Lukashenka threatens the opposition with deportation
Belarus' President Lukashenko speaks to reporters after a meeting with the Knights of Malta at their headquarters in Rome

“If the EU wants to take them, we will buy them a ticket and send them. No problem – take them! If they are such zealous supporters of political prisoners, we will pack them in a coach tomorrow. I will make a decision, as I have the right to make such decisions, and everyone, even those who were not imprisoned […]

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Clap your hands for freedom in Belarus!

Support the handclap revolution in Belarus! Clap your hands in Stockholm! Where? The walk takes place in Stockholm and starts at Mynttorget in the old town. We will be walking along Drottninggatan to Sergels Torg. When? Wednesday, 6 July at 18:00. How? From time to time we clap our hands together. Otherwise, we will be silent: no speeches, no slogans, […]

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Arrested for clapping hands

Once again, thousands protested in Belarus on wednesday (29 of June) against the dictatorial regime. Through quiet protests in different cities all over the country, only clapping hands, people showed their disappointment with the current political and economical situation. And for clapping hands, people got brutally beaten and arrested. As you can see on the video below, also journalists were […]

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No more electricity from Russia

Russia stopped the export of electricity to Belarus on wednesday, since Belarus is unable to pay for it. According to Russia, the belarusian depts are as high as 1,2 billion rubles. Belarus suffers from a severe economic crisis and the country was forced to devaluate it’s currency by 36 % in may. People in Belarus are protesting every wednesday against the […]

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Swedish Deputy Ambassador arrested and beaten in Minsk

  Swedish Deputy Ambassador David Emtestam arrested in Minsk. Photo: Reuters Deputy ambassador (Second Secretary) David Emtestam, who is now in charge of the Swedish Embassy in Belarus, since the ambassador Stefan Eriksson is on vacation, was on wednesday arrested and beaten in Minsk while observing the protests against the regime. It’s usual that embassy staff observe protests, since it’s part of […]

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Mass arrests in Belarus [Photos]

At least 450 protesters arrested in Belarus today. Photos by Anton Motolko /

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