Member of the European Parliament – Olle Schmidt (The Liberal Party of Sweden)

Speaking: Christian Holm, Member of the Swedish Parliament (The Moderate Party).
To the right: Caroline Szyber, Member of the Swedish Parliament (The Christian Democratic Party).
To the left: Martin Ängeby, Secretary General of Silc.

A manifestation was today held in Stockholm, to show solidarity for the democratic movement and the political prisoners in Belarus. The Solidarity act was organized by Info Belarus, Swedish International Liberal Center and The Swedish Initiative For Democracy And Human Rights. Speeches were made by:

Isabel Sommerfeld (Info Belarus)
Caroline Szyber (The Christian Democratic Party)
Abir Al-Sahlani (The Center Party)
Valter Mutt (The Green Party)
Olle Schmidt (The Liberal Party / European Parliament)
Christian Holm (The Moderate Party)
Martin Uggla (The Swedish Initiative For Democracy and Human Rights)
Elisabeth Löfgren (Amnesty International Sweden)