Our white-ride-white flags during the Belarus-Canada hockey game, 2013-05-10


During the game between Belarus-Canada on friday, a group of Swedes and Belarusians successfully watched the hockey with big white-red-white traditional Belarusian flags, behind one of the goals in the front line. This is a clear victory for freedom of expression and human rights. The flag was earlier during hockey world championship banned by the IIHF, most likely because of a dictators demand.

”Nobody even warned us or showed any dissatisfaction about or flags this time. We were allowed to stand there with our flags in the front line, during the whole game. This is clearly a reaction from the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation after all the negative publicity and a victory for freedom of expression. This also shows that dictators methods are not welcome in a free society like Sweden. Lukashenka will just have to live with it”, says Isabel Sommerfeld, founder of the Human Rights Network InfoBelarus.

The chairman of the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation, Jauhien Vorsin, made a statement about the Belarusians who were forced to leave the arena a few days ago during the game between Belarus – Slovenia, because of their white-red-white flag. He said that they ”are nothing but criminals and lunatics” and that ”they were paid to bring the flag”.

”Vorsin is a puppet of the dictatorship, used to following orders and spreading a dictators propaganda. He passed us closely a couple of times during the friday game. We waved our banned flags in front of his face and screamed ”Zive Belarus!” You should have seen his frustrated face. I can ensure the world, that we are neither payed, lunatics or criminals. Just people who stand up for freedom of expression, and this is like a needle in the eye of the oppressors. The real ”lunatics” are the puppets of dictatorship, who seem to think that freedom of expression could be put aside in our free country. We’ve just proven it can’t, not without consequences,” says Isabel Sommerfeld.